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It is amazing how abused children can hear the words, "You are of great worth and beautiful in the eyes of God and I love you!" These words often bring the tears, rolling down their cheeks and then they can't quit hugging you.   

It may seem small to some, but ALL THE TIME, we see James 3 at work, bringing healing to lives. Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and a life can be built up or destroyed by words.  So many of these kids have been abused in indescribable ways that I wouldn't even want to print here. 

Join us as we minister to these young hears and demonstrate the love of Christ in simple and meaningful ways.

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Choose Compassion Heart Logo
Julie ministering to children through song and story.

Simple, but profound

One girl, not long ago had such a hopeless and downcast demeanor.  We found out that she had no undergarments and we simply took her to Walmart and bought her some.  Minutes later, she was skipping out to the car (after putting them on in the Walmart bathroom) . She then told me in the car, "Miss Julie, I want to tell you a secret, I felt like killing myself and I don't know why but having new underwear makes me not want to anymore!"  OH the things we take for granted.  It seems too simple, but it's so profound, the ways we can bring change to lives.