About Julie & her family


The Nickell's

Scott and Julie have been working with the poor and overlooked, and often abused, for many years. Their children, Elijah and Grace,  are homeschooled and often work right along side them.  


About Me (In my own words)

I’ve given my entire life to Gods use. His motives are what move me and compassion can’t help but become an uproar from my spirit. 

I started preaching when I was about 10 years old. I started singing around age 3 I believe. My parents raised me in an inner city impoverished church and feeding the poor and reaching the destitute became our way of life and I’ve never turned away from that. I’ve worked full time in ministry for 27 years.

 “I love Julie’s raspy heartfelt soul sound, she’s one of my favorite independent artists.” 

Margaret Becker, humble musician & billboard top charter

A little more about me.


 I give everything I am to every area and person in my life. Life is but a Vapor so I'M GONNA LIVE IT ON PURPOSE! Compassion for the poor, the downcast soul, the broken ones...that calls to me even more than music(which has been my sweet companion since toddlerhood:) As far as singing, I sing with the life of Gods spirit, if I didn’t I would have no desire to sing whatsoever. I write all my music by instruction and leading of Gods voice so I give Him FULL credit when I say, He heals through this music, He restores through this music, He convicts through this music and does more than I could explain here. I see this music within me as eternal and urgent. 

My husband Scott and my children Elijah and Grace work in the inner city. We feed the poor and live the gospel with demonstration to a very violent, drug infested and impoverished area. We believe the children and the adults that God uses us to reach, will not only escape being a darkened statistic but that their love when in full bloom will also save lives, prevent murders, drug exchanges and child abuse that continues for generations. Love breaks curses and we LOVE these people, with ACTION! 


I walked away from a record label and traveling the world so that I could work with my family to reach the destitute. My children and husband are right along side me, reaching the kids on the streets. I’ve taught my kids instruments and voice and mentored them in true lifestyle worship and I’m thankful that they are seeing Jesus in action among the children on the streets where the love of God is pushing back the violence and darkness! 

As far as my music, I say this with gratitude. I’ve never written a song that Gods spirit didn’t inspire. I wouldn’t dream of singing or writing any music without His heartbeat behind it, for the sinner and the saint! I’ve sung w everyone from Chris Tomlin to Nicole C Mullen (i’ve sung for so long and with so many that I know that ONLY ONE NAME means anything to me, JESUS:)



We also do a ministry called EN FUEGO, it means ON FIRE, and we take area teens and teach them how to do outreach to the poor and then mentor them. I also do this in many churches I go to. Train leadership how to be authentic representations of God's heart to people every day of their lives within their sphere of influence. I give myself to daily time at His feet, to keep learning myself. I’m so “over” the idolatry within the church. I don’t want any more pulpit personalities, praised. I only want to make Him famous, for if He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself and God knows, that is sure what we need more of, not stage celebrities within any more churches. 

For many years I have loved traveling and ministering in churches, the uncompromised word of God. I made a vow years ago that each time I stood behind a pulpit I would reflect Jesus the way He wants. The last thing people need is another sermon delivered through some human filtered system. I speak what He wants not what Julie thinks, therefore I get to see beautiful things happen in services because I’m outta the way.